Elohim, the one true God
El Shaddai, God Almighty
El Elyon, God most High
El Olam, God everlasting

Provider, You will provide
My banner, You will fight for us
You are peace, You are my peace
Lord of Hosts, of angel armies
Sanctifier, You set us apart
My Shepherd, You take care of us
Righteousness, You are the only way
You are here with me, here with me


Adonai, You are my master
Rapha, the LORD that heals
Abba Father, Abba Father
Yeshua, Yahweh saves

King of kings, LORD of Lords
Messiah, Anointed One
Ancient of days, You live forever and ever
Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy
You are Love, You are light, You are merciful and true
Full of Grace, faithfulness, You are just and You are good
My comforter, strong tower, to You I run and I am safe
Protector, unchanging, my portion, forever

Yahweh, Yahweh
Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy

Abba Father, creator God, You are jealous for Your children
Yeshua, Salvation, our Bridegroom King, You will judge the nations
Holy Spirit, our Comforter, baptise us with Your Fire

Yahweh, Creator God
Yahweh, Anointed One
Yahweh, Consuming Fire
Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy