Joy – COMING OUT SOON! – 2016

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I Love You
Father I Desire
No-one Else
Holy Spirit
I Bow Down
King of the Ages
The Way
No Fear in Love
Watch and Pray
Come Follow Me
Behold – MrClottey Remix


A HUGE thank you to everyone who contributed to this album.  I love how God loves people to be in unity in the Holy Spirit and work in community, to show His character and His Love and so He is revealed to the world.

Nigel Spaul – percussion
David Ward – Bass guitar
Joshua Ramos – guitar
Emma Keys – main backing vocals and choral vocals
Annie Rangecroft – violin
Steve Eggleton – double bass
David Blane – guitar, backing vocals, co-wrote “Come Follow Me”
Adam Jackson – backing vocals and album artwork
Hannah Emmrich – choral vocals, arranged parts for “The Way”
Peter Emmrich – choral vocals
Jonathan Price – choral vocals
Sarah Bullen – choral vocals
Sequoia Mallett – choral vocals
Dean Reynolds – co-wrote “The Way”
Eric Clottey – Behold Remix
Phil Goldstone – guitar, backing vocals, and recorded, mixed and mastered the album (PGmusic)

A percentage of the money from CD sales will be donated to the A21 Campaign, an anti human-trafficking charity.