Butterfly Day

Butterfly Day – 2015

This album can be bought as a download from major sites (e.g. Amazon music, iTunes, Google Play), or message here for a CD).

Awaken us
Arise my Love
Like the sun
Kingdom of Heaven
A Glorious Throne
Set Your Mind on Things Above
First Love
Calling Forth Your Warriors
Seek My Face
The Lord Reigns
Watch and Wait

Butterfly Day credits

These guys are all awesome friends, I love them and they all gave their time and skills and creativity to make this music happen.
David Blane – vocals, guitar
Emma Keys – vocals
Phil Starling – bass and electric guitar
Ben Rees – drums
Nigel Spaul – bongos
Dean Reynolds – vocals and lyrical contribution
Phil Goldstone – bass, guitar, vocals, and recording and mixing and giving good feedback and ideas and bringing it all together.

Money from the album sales goes to A21 Campaign, an anti-human trafficking charity.